Have you already purchased your prom ticket and are looking for more ways to support The Humane League? Are you unable to attend the event, but still want to show your support? You can make a donation of any amount to Bay Area Soirée here:

In fact, between now and February 29, we’re going to be having a pre-event raffle. To enter, simply make a donation of $5 (or more), and the winner will receive a prize package filled with vegan goodies (valued at $100).

And the best part of all? All proceeds will be donated to The Humane League!

*  Prizes will not be mailed. If you’re not coming to prom, we would be happy to meet up with you somewhere in the bay area after prom is over. If you live outside of the bay area, you will have to make arrangements for someone to pick up your prize on your behalf.