Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is vegan prom?

A: The organizers of vegan prom envision it as a second chance at prom (due to a less-than-ideal high school prom memory or a non-existent one). Vegan prom is an event for vegan, vegan-curious, and vegan-friendly people who like to have fun, eat snacks, meet new friends, listen to music, sip kombucha or beer, and dance (dancing is optional, of course). Vegan prom is also a fundraiser since 100% of the proceeds will benefit The Humane League.


Q: Is there a dress code?

A: No. Although dressing up is encouraged, we want everyone to be comfortable. For this reason, we discourage wearing fur or anything else that is blatantly made from a dead animal so as to not upset or offend anyone. (We assume that March weather in San Francisco is enough to discourage nudity, but just in case it isn’t, we would like to point out that clothing is not optional. You can save your birthday suit for the Folsom Street Fair.)


Q: Do I need a date to attend?

A: No. You are welcome to bring a friend, a date, or just yourself. We promise that there will be plenty of fun people to hang out with, and you won’t even notice that you came alone.


Q: Will tickets be sold at the door?

A: No. Because of our amazing and supportive vegan community, the event is now SOLD OUT.


Q: I won’t have time to get cash from an ATM before the event. Can I purchase the raffle tickets with a credit card?

A: We will accept credit cards for the raffle tickets, but only for purchases of $40 or more.


Q: Will dinner be served at this event?

A: No, but we will be serving light hors d’oeuvres and mini desserts.


Q: I purchased my prom ticket on Eventbrite and during check out I noticed the PayPal “pay to” account did not belong to The Humane League. Why?

A: The Bay Area Soirée prom committee opened up the PayPal account under one committee member’s name in order to cover the prom expenses. However, all proceeds will be donated to The Humane League.


Q: I would like to fly to San Francisco for this event. Do you offer any flight or hotel discounts?

A: We will not have a partnership with any airlines, but we do have a block of 10 rooms reserved at Hotel Nikko for a discounted rate of $199/night. If you’d like to take advantage of this discount, please book before the expiration date of Feb 12 using this link or by calling the hotel at (415) 394-1111 or 800-248-3308 and telling them you’d like a room for the Bay Area Soiree event.


Q: How can I get escorted out of the event by security?
A: In an effort to create a safe and fun environment for everyone, we will ask you to leave the event if you are rude to other attendees or volunteers. This includes fat shaming, racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, or ableist comments, as well as making others feel uncomfortable or upset in any way. Basically, just be nice so we can all have a fun time. Weeeee!

Q: Does the vegan prom have a theme?

A: We allowed the vegan community to vote on the theme, and they chose Alice in Vegan Wonderland! This can be open to any interpretation you prefer.


Q: I would like to attend, but I can’t afford a ticket. Are there volunteer positions available?

A: Yes. Please contact us at bayareasoiree@gmail.com to discuss volunteer opportunities.


Q: Will there be parking?

A: We encourage taking BART since the 16th St. Mission BART station is just a few blocks away from venue.  However, if you plan on driving, there’s a parking garage on 21st. Street (3 blocks away) that charges $4.50/hour, or you can come early and find street parking in the Mission.


Q: Is the venue wheelchair accessible?

A: Yes.


Q: Are dogs/babies/cats/birds/etc. allowed to attend vegan prom?

A: We encourage attendees to leave their pets and small children at home for this event. However, service animals are welcome (and we won’t even make them buy a ticket).


Q: I’m single and having trouble meeting other vegans to date. Can I come mack at Vegan Prom?

A: No. We’re not going to stop you from meeting the love of your life, BUT PLEASE DON’T BE CREEPY! Seriously, DO NOT BE CREEPY. If you’re creepy, no will want to be your friend, let alone date you. If someone doesn’t want to talk to you, BACK OFF. Thanks!


Q: Can I sell my vegan items or promote my organization at the prom?

A: No. You are welcome to come and chat with people about your vegan ideas, but only our sponsor organizations will be promoted.


Q: I would like to submit a question that is not addressed on this webpage. Where can I send it?

A: Please email us at bayareasoiree@gmail.com